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Computer Systems Discipline

Head of Discipline: Professor Donal O'Mahony

The discipline of Computer Systems has a research focus on networked computer systems spanning all the protocol layers from wireless communications to emerging network architectures and middleware for distributed computing. The discipline comprises nineteen Faculty and over one hundred full-time researchers and postgraduate students.

Faculty members


Research Interests


Bouroche, MelanieIntelligent Transportation Systems, Middleware, Networked and Embedded Systems
Cahill, VinnyMy research activities address many aspects of distributed systems, in particular, middleware and programming models for ubiquitous and mobile computing with application to intelligent transportation systems and personal healthcare/independent living.
Clarke, SiobhanSoftware engineering models for smart and dynamic software services to urban stakeholders.
Doherty, GavinHuman-Computer Interaction; Design of information displays; Design of mobile applications; System modelling, specification & analysis; Interaction design for speech and language based interfaces; Technology in Mental Health; Technology in Manufacturing;
Donnelly, AlexisProcess Calculus - applications to Distributed Systems and (more recently) Biological Systems; Web Accessibility; Universal Design
Doyle, LindaArt & Technology, Cognitive Radio, Dynamic Spectrum Management, Internet of Things
Dukes, JonathanWireless Sensor Networks, Low-Power Wireless Communication, Embedded Systems, High-Throughput Computing, Multimedia Streaming.
Dusparic, Ivana
Haahr, MadsMiddleware for Mobile Computing; Emerging Internet Applications; Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing; Art and Technology; Computer Game Technology
Huggard, MerielMathematical Modelling and Performance Evaluation of Communications Networks; Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering Education
Iosifidis, GeorgiosWireless Networks, Internet of Things, Network Economics, Optimisation for Data Analytics, Network Science Applications
Jones, JeremyComputer architecture, lockless algorithms, transactional memory, VivioJS - Interactive Reversible E-Learning Animations for the WWW
Leith, DouglasDecision Making Under Uncertainty, Data privacy, Machine Learning, Wireless networks, Edge Computing
McGoldrick, CiaranWireless Communications, IoT, Ocean Energy, Vehicular Networking, Computer Security, Computer Science Education
O'Mahony, DonalComputer Networking;Cloud Computing & Networking; IoT; Computer & Network Security; Electronic Payment;Blockchain Technologies Sustainable Computing; Smart Nanogrids for Energy Distribution
O'Nuallain, EamonnRadio Tomography, Radio Propagation, Cognitive Radio, Wireless Network Planning, Computational Mathematics, Computational Electromagnetics.
Ruffini, MarcoFlow-based, IP-optical networking;long-reach PON; cross-layer and wireless-optical integration;
Tewari, HiteshNetwork, Telecommunications Services, Security and Mobility
Waldron, JohnComputer Architecture; Learning Technology
Weber, StefanDistributed Systems, Ad hoc Networks, Distributed Shared Memory, Real-Time Communication, Embedded Systems, Ubiquitous Computing

A full list of all members of the discipline can be found here.