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  Oct 17, 2019 TBC, Paul McNicholas, McMaster University
  Aug 9, 2019 Radio Resource Allocation for Industrial IoT, Salah Eddine Elayoubi, Centrale Supélec
  Jul 2, 2019 Flightplan: Dataplane Disaggregation and Coordination for In-network Computing, Nik Sultana, University of Pennsylvania
  Jun 25, 2019 Stochastic Bandits for Sticky Recommendations, Theja Tulabandhula, University of Illinois Chicago
  May 27, 2019 Data Fantasies and Operational Facts: 5G’s Infrastructural Epistemologies, Shannon Mattern, The New School for Social Research, New York City
  May 23, 2019 Rational and robust agents: from decision/market/game theory to quantum theory and AI, Alessio Benavoli, Univeristy of Limerick
  Apr 26, 2019 Blockchains and the emerging Internet of Value : from Packet Switching to Penny Switching - seamless interconnection of blockchains and value networks, Sean Rowan, INOX Labs
  Apr 3, 2019 Resource Sharing in Social Networks: Equilibriums, Behavioral Biases, and Gini Indexes , George Iosifidis, SCSS/TCD
  Mar 29, 2019 Optimizing Visual Conspicuity of Data in 3D Volume Visualization, John Dingliana, SCSS
  Mar 20, 2019 Recommender systems and their effects, Jakub Marecek, IBM Research Ireland
  Mar 15, 2019 On data privacy for machine learning, Vicenc Torra, Maynooth University
  Mar 1, 2019 Adversarial Robustness of Deep Neural Networks, Mathieu Sinn, IBM Research
  Feb 22, 2019 Moving the Network to the Cloud: The telco digital transformation through the convergence of wireless, optical and cloud, Marco Ruffini, SCSS
  Feb 8, 2019 Overbooking Network Slices through Yield-driven End-to-End Orchestration, Andres Garcia-Saavedra, NEC Research
  Jan 25, 2019 Event-triggered remote estimation over lossy channels in the presence of an eavesdropper, Subhra Dey, Maynooth University
  Jan 10, 2019 A Credal Extension of Independent Choice Logic and its Applications to Preference Learning, Alessandro Antonucci, Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA)
  Dec 18, 2018 Did I Give Consent to This? Building a Complete Picture of the Privacy Risks in Android Apps, Narseo Vallina-Rodriguez, IMDEA Networks Madrid
  Nov 30, 2018 Recent Trends in Distributed Training - Sparsified, Local and Decentralized, Prof Martin Jaggi, EPFL
  Nov 28, 2018 New ways to manage wireless edge-caches, Anastasios Giovanidis, CNRS, Sorbonne
  Nov 28, 2018 SIGNAL: Reality,
  Nov 22, 2018 Introduction to Quantum Networks, Miralem Mehic, University of Sarajevo
  Nov 13, 2018 Connecting Battery-free IoT Tags Using LED Bulbs, Domenico Guistianino, IMDEA Networks, Madrid
  Nov 1, 2018 Augmented Reality over video stream acquired from UAVs for operations support, Susana Ruano Sainz, SCSS
  Oct 26, 2018 Signal Processing for Robot Audition: How signal processing helps a robot recognize user commands in adverse environment, Ken Sugiyama, NEC Research Japan
  Oct 25, 2018 Introducing People with ASD to Crowd Work, Kotaro Hara, Singapore Management University

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