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Syllabus - Year 1 (Diploma)


CS1101 Information systems

This module addresses concepts, technologies and methods relevant to information systems, and looks at the widespread and varied applications of information and communications technology (ICT) in business, government and society. Students investigate present-day systems and look forward to possible future trends.

Assessment: Written examination and continuous assessment.

CS1102 Internet systems

Students are introduced to the process of meeting business needs with ICT, developing the skills of evaluation, analysis and design. Students learn to create commercial websites, carrying out planning, research, content development, system design and development, and dealing with issues of accessibility and usability.

Assessment: Written examination and continuous assessment.

CS1103 Organisation and management

The module offers an introduction to business studies. Students explore organisational structures, processes and management in the light of theory and practice. Topics include business objectives and strategy, accounting and finance, marketing, production and operations management, and human resource management.

Assessment: Written examination and continuous assessment.

CS1104 Information systems development I

Integrating the theory and practice of information systems engineering, this module fosters key design and development skills. Students create substantial software applications using high-level development tools. Principles of programming, graphical user interface design and system architecture are explored and applied.

Assessment: Written examination and continuous assessment.

CS1105 Business methods

This module provides the student with a variety of useful transferable skills, including interpersonal communication, collaboration, thinking, problem-solving and quantitative techniques. The student’s growing capabilities are supported by theoretical perspectives and practised in real-world contexts.

Assessment: Written examination and continuous assessment.

CS1106 Information systems practice I

This module fosters the student’s professional capabilities through progressive acquisition and integration of relevant skills. Working individually and in teams, students complete realistic lab and classroom-based exercises of increasing complexity, integrating technical knowledge with business skills and theory with practice.

Assessment: Continuous assessment.